Hello there. You’ve found my newsletter, This’ll Have to Do. It’s the roaring (20)20s and I’m just *tryping my best. Thanks for joining the party.

In the month of May, I decided to make a donation to the National Network of Abortion Funds in conjunction with newsletter subscriptions. In a time when it is easy to feel like there is nothing to be done, this felt like a small way to do something. My minimum starting donation which means the total donation was $127 ($132.08 with covering transaction fees). We also had four matching donors, which brought the overall total to $635.

This seemed like a good way to continue to do some sort of action item, so I have decided to continue with this newsletter donation project. Here’s how it works:

  • For every new free subscription I get in a month, I will donate $1.

  • For every free subscription I get in a month, I will donate $5. (It can be a new subscription or a conversion.)

  • As for now, the minimum donation will always be $25* and the additional donation will build upon that.

I have at least two donors who have committed to being continuous matching donors, so the donation from any subscriptions will always go a little bit farther. If being a matching donor is something that interests you, let me know.

Donation History
May 2022: National Network of Abortion Funds - Donation: $127, Donation with Matching, $635
June 2022: National Center for Transgender Equality - Donation: $75, Donation with Matching, $375
July 2022: Indigenous Women Rising - Donation: $60, Donation with Matching, $180

So, if you fancy this newsletter and love a good cause, please consider sharing with your network and making a social media shout-out.

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Thank you, as always, for reading.

* As of the writing of this (8/7/22), I am currently unemployed so this minimum amount may need to be adjusted depending on finances. Always check back here for updates.

This newsletter has a couple of origins.:

  1. As you very likely know, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, on my 33rd birthday — March 11, 2020. Of course, it was/is weird for all of us — a confusing time with very little to hold on to. So, I decided to make a real effort to document my existence during this purgatory. I started taking a daily selfie on March 23, 2020. I stopped taking them two weeks after my second vaccine dose on May 15, 2021.

  2. The name comes from during the Isolation Holidays of 2020. It was the first holiday season I had been away from my family…ever, I think. So, I was leaning. in. hard. (Mostly likely in an attempt to circumvent any and all feelings™ but more on that in the future in the newsletter.) I made an Isolation Holidays handbook with input via Google forms (I love anything that’ll make a spreadsheet) from my dear friends. And I sent this holiday card which is the epitome of me “this’ll have to do”-ing.

And thus, because of these two disparate but also very connected things, a newsletter was born.

This’ll Have to Do is photos, personal essays, musings, probably some jokes, maybe some favorites, possibly a poem or play or two from me, Samantha Cooper. I suspect it’ll evolve as it goes. But the main components are:

  • The week in selfies: a weekly edition of the newsletter that includes all the selfies that I took in the concurrent week in 2020/2021. (F + P)

  • The *Tryping my Best moment of the week: a weekly edition of the newsletter covering a current incident or story of a time when I was just *tryping my best. (P)

  • Rejection Haikus: a monthly edition of the newsletter where I share haikus I’ve written with words from real live rejection emails I have received (P)

Free (F) subscribers will get the weekly roundup of selfies. Paying (P) subscribers will also receive the weekly *Tryping my Best moment of the week, monthly Rejection Haikus and possibly some more bonus content.

For many years, I’ve said that I’m a playwright (writer) with a day job. Being a full time writer is the ultimate goal but for now, day jobs help me live. This newsletter is a real attempt to actively be the writer part of my goal. Subscribers to this newsletter help support that mission. Paying subscribers help fund that mission.

Thanks again for coming to my party. I’m hanging out on instagram and tiktok at @samjeancoop for fun and LinkedIn or my website if you want to talk business. Drinks are in the kitchen, food is on the table, and my gratitude is all around.

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when you are trying your best but not quite making it.

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